Our Story

Our Story

We believe in a Colorado with strong, safe, and livable communities where everybody who works hard can thrive regardless of the circumstances they are born into. A Colorado where everybody – no matter age, background, race, gender or status– has access to the opportunities that allow them to earn a good life.

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Colorado is becoming a tale of two states, where a few benefit from our rapid growth, while many of us are still struggling as the cost of living rises

There are common-sense measures our state can take to balance the scales, and give more hardworking families a chance to share in all the benefits of the Colorado way of life:

Successes from 2018 Legislative Session: 

  • Lawmakers passed legislation to make childcare more affordable for more Colorado families!
  • Lawmakers passed legislation to boost affordable housing across the state!

There’s more work to do…

Issues in Focus

Creating more opportunities for hardworking Colorado families