There’s More Work to Do

Boosting wages to keep up with Colorado’s cost of living:

  • Since 2000, average weekly wages in Colorado have only grown by $33. Colorado wages just aren’t keeping up with Colorado’s growing cost of living.
  • Lawmakers brought proposals to boost wages this year, but they did not pass the legislature.
  • We believe policies to help lift the wages of hardworking Coloradans — such as enhancing overtime pay for more people — are vital to consider in the future and will make it easier for more families to earn a good life in Colorado.

Addressing Colorado’s housing crunch:

Honoring hardworking families and making their lives just a little easier:

Providing Coloradans the ability to earn a secure retirement:

Tackling the soaring cost of healthcare

We believe common sense measures like the ones highlighted above should be considered again in 2019.